Paper Cutters

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Wooden Painted Paper Cutter - Pack of 4pc

Price: Rs.450 Rs.360
Available Stock :337

Handmade Paper Cutter - Pack of 4pc

Price: Rs.360 Rs.306
Available Stock :100

Wooden Carved Paper cutter - Pack of 4pc

Price: Rs.320 Rs.224
Available Stock :99

Wood Bookmark Painted - Pack of 5pc

Price: Rs.500 Rs.375
Available Stock :47

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Handmade Wooden & Wood Painting Paper Cutters

Indian crafts offer vibrant handcraft wooden paper cutters, Bookmark, wood painted paper cutter and etching paper cutters, these handcrafted paper cutters are smooth finished and made up of top quality of wood materials. Its have beautiful animal carved handle to hold it. These are also beautiful gift items as well as you can add into stationary items.