Flower Pot

Marble Decorative Painted Pot

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Wooden Leaf & Floral Carved Pot - 20cm Height

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Marble Floral Painted Flower Vase 9 inch

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Wooden Carved Flower Vase - 25cm Height

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Wooden Flower Pot

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Marble Painted Flower Pot Small

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Marble Painted Pot

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Wooden Pot - 25cm Height

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Elegant Wooden Carved Pot – 20cm Height

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Owl Pot & Paper Holder

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Wooden Carved Pot - 20cm Height

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Marble Matki Pot

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Hand Painted Wooden & Marble Pots For Home Decor

If you want to buy some new and stylish flower pots or vases, then you can buy from our website. We make different types of home decor flower pots and vases. We make flower pots of wood, marble and metal. The look of all these flower pots is different. We have wooden flower pots of different shapes, sizes and carvings. Very fine and attractive carving is done on our wooden made flower pot. These pots are made in the height of 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. We make large carving flower pots on order. The flower pot made of wood is natural in appearance and it is completely handmade. Marble flower pots are also handmade but they are heavy in weight. These are made in different shapes and sizes. Meenakari painting, lady painting, kundan work, stone work, floral painting and emboss painting are done on the marble pot. Marble pots are made from 4 inches to 24 inches. Marble pots look very nice and it attracts the attention of your guest.