Corporate Gifts

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Wooden Rotating Pen holder

Price: Rs.190 Rs.152
Available Stock :99

Marble Painted Round Ball Clock

Price: Rs.680 Rs.456
Available Stock :15

Wooden Pen Holder with Clock

Price: Rs.470 Rs.423
Available Stock :50

Meenakari Elephant Statue with Clock

Price: Rs.850 Rs.748
Available Stock :48

Wooden Pen Holder & Ganesh on Base

Price: Rs.750 Rs.675
Available Stock :50

Wooden Pen Holder cum Elephant Statue

Price: Rs.720 Rs.576
Available Stock :50

Wood Carving Peacock on Base

Price: Rs.720 Rs.634
Available Stock :12

Table Clock

Price: Rs.1,500 Rs.1,275
Available Stock :2

Round Marble Watch

Price: Rs.775 Rs.698
Available Stock :2

Engraved Pen Holder with Elephant Statue

Price: Rs.760 Rs.684
Available Stock :67

Wooden Elephant on Base (16cm Length, 15cm Height)

Price: Rs.1,550 Rs.1,395
Available Stock :48

Wooden Painted Elephant – Brown Base

Price: Rs.400 Rs.280
Available Stock :100

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Unique Corporate Gifts Online | Diwali Gifts Items for Employees

Handicraft is about processing Material with Hand tools by hand. The results can be decorative things for helpful things. There is something magical about Indian handicrafts as they are unique, expressive, eye-catching, and intricate.corporate gifts also leave a lasting impression on the receivers. An eye-catching corporate gift can be personalized with your message or logo. You will find many corporate gift ideas to impress your receivers and amazing impressions.

You will find here many different types of Corporate gifts online that will help you in developing your relationship much better. Let's have a look at some different corporate gifts.

Marble Corporate Gifts

Marble corporate gifts can be decorative things or utility things. Marble Handicrafts our lifeline of Rajasthani culture and tradition. These marble gifts are quite famous due to their beauty and durability. You can buy these marble crafts as Diwali gifts for employees, relatives, and your friends. Our marble corporate gifts are Marble painted coasters, marble statue & sculptures, marble pot & bottles, pen holder, and many more.

Wooden Corporate Gifts

You will find the unique collection of wooden corporate gifts that are popular for their beautiful carving, unique designs, hand painting, and quality. These wooden crafts can be used as decorative items or utility items. These wooden crafts are unique corporate gifts that are set to adorable statements and leave a beautiful message. We offer some wooden corporate gifts such as wooden elephant, carving monkey set, wood carving turtle, wooden dolphin, wooden pen holder, wooden hookah, wooden statue, painted doll sets, wooden chess set, wooden Ganesha statue, and wooden elephant stool.

Textile Corporate Gifts

What will be more amazing than utility gifts? These textile corporate gifts are a perfect utility gift that can leave a great impression on your receivers. These textile corporate gifts adorn with their handmade work, quality of fabric, embroidery, and stonework. Some of our wooden corporate gifts are potli bags, Rajasthani bags, Jaipuri bags, shoulders bags patchwork bags, holders and many more.

Home Decor Corporate Gifts

These types of corporate gifts can adorn your receiver's home beautifully. Fill the space of their home with some unique and adorable corporate gifts. We offer some home decor corporate gifts such as bandarwal, bird statue, chowki, clock, animal statue, flower pot, hangings, lamp, photo frame, tea light holder, statue & sculptures, and many more.

Utility Corporate Gifts

Make your moment more memorable by giving them utility corporate gifts. Give something that they can use such as bowls, diyas, jewel boxes, incense holders, key holders, mirrors, mobile holders, paper cutters, paper holders, bags, trays, tea coasters and many more utility items we have.

These are our amazing corporate gifts for your clients, relatives, employees, friends, and family. Order corporate gifts online and let them feel your love and care.