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Wooden & Stone serving Tray 30cm x 23cm

Price: Rs.800 Rs.600
Available Stock :9

Wooden Tray

Price: Rs.300 Rs.240
Available Stock :3

Three Leaf Tray in White Metal

Price: Rs.270 Rs.230
Available Stock :46

Wooden Embossed Painted Service Tray 15x12

Price: Rs.1,150 Rs.978
Available Stock :5

Wooden Serving Tray

Price: Rs.210 Rs.179
Available Stock :21

Tray set with 6 meenakari glasses

Price: Rs.1,150 Rs.1,035
Available Stock :42

Decorative Wooden Tray

Price: Rs.450 Rs.383
Available Stock :2

Tray set with Glasses

Price: Rs.1,500 Rs.1,350
Available Stock :1

Multi Utility Decorative Tray

Price: Rs.2,900 Rs.2,175
Available Stock :1

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Latest Artistically Handcrafted Trays

Service Tray (container) to carrying food and drink. We make handcrafted and customize designed tray in various materials like... Wood, Marble, Sheet Metal and White metal. Our unique collections of tray set are completely hand crafted using hand art by skilled craftsman. These handcrafted trays can be used as a service tray, gifting purpose and home decor purpose.  

Our artistically handcrafted tray ranges are as given below:

Wooden Tray, Carving Tray, Wooden Dish, Wooden platters, Marble tray set, Marble painted tray, Wooden painted tray, Gemstone painting tray India, Customized wooden tray for corporate gifts.