Dry Fruit Boxes

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Marble Designer Tray with 2 Containers

Price: Rs.1,700 Rs.1,275
Available Stock :2

Marble Heart Shaped Painted Tray with Container

Price: Rs.1,070 Rs.749
Available Stock :4

Marble Tray with Round Container

Price: Rs.1,125 Rs.900
Available Stock :11

White Marble Painted Tray with Box

Price: Rs.1,125 Rs.900
Available Stock :10

Marble Box with round Tray

Price: Rs.1,125 Rs.900
Available Stock :6

Marble Dry Fruits Box

Price: Rs.1,720 Rs.1,462
Available Stock :5

Marble Decorative Dry Fruit Box

Price: Rs.1,720 Rs.1,548
Available Stock :6

Marble Decorative Tray with 2 Container

Price: Rs.1,600 Rs.1,200
Available Stock :4

Marble Painted Tray with 4 Boxes

Price: Rs.2,900 Rs.2,552
Available Stock :2

Meenakari Dry Fruit box

Price: Rs.1,350 Rs.1,148
Available Stock :1

Wooden Silver Design Dry Fruit Box

Price: Rs.320 Rs.256
Available Stock :15

Dry Fruit Box (Cashew Nut Design)

Price: Rs.470 Rs.423
Available Stock :9

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Dry Fruits, Wedding Sweets & Chocolate Boxes

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Dry Fruit Boxes. Avail with us wide range of Dry fruit boxes, wedding sweet boxes, chocolate boxes, decorative and fancy boxes. These all boxes we make using different kind of materials like wood, metal and sheet metal. Dry fruit boxes are available in different size, meenakari designs and new pattern.