Drawer & Corner

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Wooden Box with 6 Ceramic Drawers

Price: Rs.1,700 Rs.1,360
Available Stock :49

Wooden Drawer Box Painted

Price: Rs.300 Rs.225
Available Stock :49

Wooden Ceramic Drawers Box

Price: Rs.980 Rs.686
Available Stock :49

Ceramic Drawers

Price: Rs.1,800 Rs.1,350
Available Stock :49

Wooden Painted Box with 4 Drawers

Price: Rs.2,000 Rs.1,800
Available Stock :1

Elegant Wooden Painted Drawer

Price: Rs.1,250 Rs.1,063
Available Stock :1

Elegant Wooden Embossed Drawer

Price: Rs.900 Rs.765
Available Stock :1

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We are offering exclusive and traditional handmade wooden painted drawers and corner for home decor. Wooden drawers and corner are available with us in different color design, carved and brass work. Wooden painted drawers are widely liked due to its antique and colourful design. These are available in different shape. These can be use to keep jewellery or other things.