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Wooden Painted Appu Ganesh

Price: Rs.600 Rs.510
Available Stock :3

Wooden Painted Appu Ganesh Statue

Price: Rs.750 Rs.638
Available Stock :10

Handmade Wooden Carved Ganesha

Price: Rs.1,320 Rs.1,122
Available Stock :5

Wooden Carved Laughing Buddha

Price: Rs.360 Rs.306
Available Stock :6

Wooden Kamal Buddha statue 20 cm

Price: Rs.1,690 Rs.1,352
Available Stock :10

Wooden Chowki Ganesha

Price: Rs.6,550 Rs.5,240
Available Stock :1

Wooden Carved Buddha Head 6 inch

Price: Rs.450 Rs.383
Available Stock :154

Wooden round Umbrella Ganesh - 10cm Height

Price: Rs.400 Rs.340
Available Stock :27

Wooden Umbrella Ganesh 15cm Height

Price: Rs.680 Rs.544
Available Stock :17

Wood Carving Chhatri Ganesh

Price: Rs.4,360 Rs.3,924
Available Stock :1

Marble Ganesh idol

Price: Rs.170 Rs.145
Available Stock :97

Wooden Carving Buddha Head 5 inch Height

Price: Rs.385 Rs.327
Available Stock :148

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God & Goddess Wooden, Marble Statues, Idols, Figurines & Souvenirs

Welcome to largest hub of Indian statues and sculpture to be used as interior decor and gifting purpose. We present top collection of statues in various materials such as wood, marble, white metal and stones. New and latest pattern and designs are added to the online catalogue, which can be ordered anytime from anywhere. Our expert artist’s team designing different type of eye catching statues like...Ganesh statue, Krishna statue, Ball Krishna statue, Durga statue, Radha-krishna statue, chowki Ganesh statue, Indian god and goddess statue for pooja purpose, Nataraj statue, Lakshmi sculpture, Saraswati statue etc.