Table Top Gifts

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Marble Round Clock

Price: Rs.720 Rs.634
Available Stock :24

Wooden Embossed Painted Elephant on Base

Price: Rs.965 Rs.849
Available Stock :12

Table Top Pen Holder

Price: Rs.790 Rs.632
Available Stock :50

Gemstone Painting Wooden Tray

Price: Rs.340 Rs.238
Available Stock :47

Multi Utility Pen Box - Revolving

Price: Rs.250 Rs.200
Available Stock :41

Indian Painted Wooden Elephant with Base

Price: Rs.1,525 Rs.1,220
Available Stock :30

Gemstone Serving Tray 25cm x 17.5cm

Price: Rs.400 Rs.320
Available Stock :11

Elegant Cycle Clock & Pen Holder

Price: Rs.2,500 Rs.2,250
Available Stock :1

Wooden Clock, Pen Holder & Painted Elephant

Price: Rs.850 Rs.723
Available Stock :25

Painted Wooden Elephant & Pen Holder

Price: Rs.850 Rs.765
Available Stock :25

Wooden Carved Elephant  & Pen Stand

Price: Rs.800 Rs.720
Available Stock :25

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