Wooden Handicrafts

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Wooden Carved Round Ambari Elephant

Price: Rs.1,700 Rs.1,275
Available Stock :10

Painted Wooden Ambabari

Price: Rs.450 Rs.405
Available Stock :8

Wooden Carved Round Amababari Elephant 6 inch

Price: Rs.725 Rs.580
Available Stock :208

Wood Carving Turtle

Price: Rs.190 Rs.171
Available Stock :28

Wooden Monkey Set (13cm Height)

Price: Rs.245 Rs.208
Available Stock :39

Wooden Painted Hoda Ambabari

Price: Rs.940 Rs.846
Available Stock :25

Wooden Hoda Ambabari Statue

Price: Rs.1,750 Rs.1,575
Available Stock :14

Wooden elephant with fine undercut work

Price: Rs.5,500 Rs.4,840
Available Stock :5

Wooden Elephant with King and Mahavat

Price: Rs.2,000 Rs.1,800
Available Stock :2

Wooden Monkey Set 4 Inch Height

Price: Rs.325 Rs.293
Available Stock :9

Wooden Showpiece Carved

Price: Rs.1,200 Rs.1,080
Available Stock :2

Wooden Dolphin

Price: Rs.400 Rs.300
Available Stock :12

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Wooden Handicrafts Suppliers

Indian wooden handicrafts are widely liked in national and international market. India has many industries of wooden handicrafts in different states. A High number of woods are available in India for wood carving like white wood, Cedar, Shisham, Rose wood, Ebony wood, Walnut and Mango wood, etc. These kinds of wood are used for carving statue, sculpture, furniture, wooden toys, decorative items, utility items, gift items, wooden elephants and other home interior decoration structures.

In India, numbers of craftsmen are engaged with wooden handicrafts suppliers, according their experience and knowledge and they have shown their art work with wood.

Wooden Elephants & Range of Wood Craft

Jaipur city is famous for different kinds of handicrafts items, especially for wooden elephants. We are m/s. Indian crafts, one of leading handicrafts exporters in Jaipur, manufacturing, exporting and supplying high grade wood craft and wooden handmade gifts items. Here you can find different types of wood carving, wooden statues, sculptures, art and crafts, toys, furniture, corporate gift, paintings, marble item, paper Mache items, imitation jewelry, Meenakari item, brass handicrafts, and many more.

Wooden handicrafts suppliers mainly have five categories of wood craft items:

1.    Wooden statue and sculpture:  Some of the wood craft coming in this category are wooden god figure, lady figure, animals, birds, figurine, chess set, wooden ambabari, wooden elephants, showpiece and many others.
2.    Wooden utility:  Wood carving in this category include wooden pen stand, wooden coaster, clock, paper cutter, spoon, bowl, photo frame, key holder, mobile holder, key chain and many other utility items.
3.    Wooden furniture:  The category of furniture is comprised of wooden sofa set, Almahri, Chowki, desk, table, dining table and many others wooden furniture.
4.    Wooden  gift item: wood carving, statue, god statue, wooden jarokhas, wooden chowki, wooden figure, carving birds, coaster, photo frame, pen stand, letter holder, key holder, flower pot, vase, boxes etc…
5.    Wooden corporate gift:  Pen stand, coaster, photo frame, Asoka pillar, key chain, paper cutter, clock, visiting card holder, paper weight, pen, pencil holder, mobile stand, office set, lamp, ball pen etc.

Wooden handicrafts are produced in different styles, patterns and carvings according user requirement.